Fake e-mails

First off i will say, this will not teach you how to hack hotmail, because it is extremely hard and hotmail have stopped telnet emailing. But what you can do is send emails from other accounts using Telnet.

Fake Emails

ok, step one to sending fake emails is to search for a mail server.

You can do this by:

1) open up Command Prompt

2) type ‘nslookup’ – because we are looking for something on the internet

2) type ‘set q=mx’ – this will well it to look for mail servers only

Now you have told the computer to search for mail servers. Next step is to tell it

what site you want it to search for mail servers.

So you now should have something like this on your screen:


Default Server: cache1.yourhost.com


> set q=mx



Now type a name of a website or host, without using the www.

So to search for hotmail mail servers, you should type ‘hotmail.com’.

Now a whole list of servers will be displayed.

This works for every website that has a mail server.

Now you have found your mail server, the next step is to fake a email.

To do this you need to:

1) Open Command Prompt – start > run > cmd

2) type ‘telnet yourmailserver.com 25’- example “telnet mail.hotmail.com 25”

How you should have a blank screen if you are connected.

3) type ‘helo’ – this tells the mailserver to accept your connection

Now the server should respopnd with a welcome message, the message depends on which server your connected to.

So now you are connected you want to send your fake email!!

To do this you must specify who it’s from, who it’s too etc..

1) type ‘MAIL FROM: email@email.com’ – who the email is from

Now you should get a message: Sender ok

2) type ‘RCPT TO: victim@victim.com’ – who the email is sent to

Now you should get a message: Recipient ok

3) type ‘DATA your email message’ – this is the text thats in the email

4) type ‘.’ – this ends the email message

Now you should get a message: 250 Mail accepted

5) type ‘QUIT’ – exits mail server and sends your email

an example would be:



Welcome XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX to our mail server

>MAIL FROM: example@server.com

Sender ok

>RCPT TO: victim@server.com

Recipient ok

>DATA hello you do not know who i am and i think you smell


250 Mail accepted


Message Delivered


You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him find it within himself

Thats it, you have just sent a fake email to someone. So Easy!!


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